What We Do

The ASIAN AUSTRALIAN ALLIANCE (AAA) is a grassroots, community based network, advocating on issues concerning the Asian Australian community with the purpose of challenging policies and pushing for change to create greater diversity and representation of Asian Australians in mainstream society.


AAA through all its branches focuses on empowering the Asian Australian community to create networks and projects on relevant social causes in order to provide a voice and a platform.


AAA believes in succession planning and passing the torch to the next generation of Asian Australians. Our Mentoring Program is innovative in how it challenges and creates a new generation of Asian Australian advocates and leaders.

Public Awareness/Campaigns

Through public awareness campaigns, AAA has worked and continues to work with the mainstream media, the community and all sides of Government to ensure the Asian Australian voice is heard and is not forgotten and/or invisible.

Let’s build our Asian Australian voice together.

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