Here is a list of the current/ongoing projects for AAA, this will be updated as new projects are added/started.


  • Report analysis on Chinese voting habits over the past 3 Federal/State Election cycles;
  • Organising and coordinating for the inaugural Asian Australian Film Festival for 2021;
  • Events in 2020 as consultation with stakeholders across Australia to understand what issues are important and common among the Asian Australian communities;
  • New AAA structure to be endorsed in 2020, to ensure the network operates in a smoother and more streamlined approach;
  • Star the #GoldOpen movement in NSW, VIC and QLD for various films and TV series which have an Asian Australian/diaspora component;
  • Talking to the media and advocacy training (grassroots and social media) conducted for ALL Asian Australians;
  • Creating a network connecting ALL Asian Australian organised/featured events;
  • “Being Asian Australian” news website;
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