AAA together with AAuRA was active in the campaign to have the “Safe Schools Program” rolled out in ALL schools across the country. This issue became quite contentious when conservative Asian groups turned up and publicly made statements which does not adhere to promoting diversity and equality. Being a network which embraces progressive ideals and diversity, AAA and AAuRA issued public statements, and made comments to both the English speaking and Chinese speaking media on this issue. This campaign is ongoing and continues today.

Here are a few links if you are interested in reading the media coverage:

  1. Sydney Morning Herald: Titled – Safe Schools ‘stealing our culture’ says campaign aimed at Chinese Australians, October 16, 2016.
  2. Joy FM: Titled – Safe Schools named as threat to Chinese Culture, October 17, 2016.
  3. SBS Cantonese: Titled – Internview: Horaz Wong- Why Asian Australian Alliance supports safe School program? October, 2016.
  4. SBS News Australia: Titled – ‘Dr No’ welcomes High Court decision to proceed with same-sex marriage survey, September 8, 2017.