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  1. This is MoonriseIn Conversation with Erin Chew ( January 23, 2019);
  2. Cultural PulseAsian Australian Alliance seeking greater change and representation ( March 1, 2019);
  3. Sydney Morning HeraldSydney’s Asian communities condemn Daley over foreign workers comments ( March 21, 2019);
  4. The Straits TimesAustralia’s New South Wales holds election as opposition leader Daley stumbles over ‘offensive’ Asian migrants remark (March 22,2019);
  5. South China Morning PostFears of China and WeChat as Australia heads to the polls (May 16, 2019);
  6. Business Insider AustraliaChina could be influencing the Australian election via WeChat and local Chinese-language media (May 16, 2019);
  7. South China Morning PostThe Chinese-Australian community’s votes are a hot ticket, so why are politicians keeping them at arm’s length? (May 17, 2019);
  8. InkstoneWhy politicians approach Australian-Chinese voters with caution, (May 17, 2019);
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